This site is currently mothballed.

The story WILL be continued at a later date (barring unforseen happenstance), but I don’t know when that date will be. My small but vocal readership would have it no other way, and many of them know where I live.

Unfortunately, the schedule of post-poll-wait-write-post was just enough of a strain to keep me from being able to work on any other projects in the meantime, and I think it’s time I try my hand at traditional publishing. Which means I need a book whose [...] Continue reading

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After much thought, Mr. Moore and I have decided that the most economical way to offer a “you ask it, we answer it” session would be via a Google+ Hangout.

Yes, it requires you have a G+ account, BUT you’re not required to actually use it and join another social network if you don’t want to, and you can delete it right after.

Keeps me from typing a billion words, and allows Steven to go on tangents, and let me assure you, you want Steven to go on tangents.


I was thinking maybe [...] Continue reading


The worst monsoon Ardel had seen in over a decade descended upon the city with all the rage of a Seraph’s curse. Even the oldest residents, calloused by daily jungle rainstorms, found cause to board their windows and stay indoors. Wind roared through thoroughfares, screamed through alleyways, and whistled shrilly through unshored cracks in houses.

A single man braced himself against the storm, figure blurred by a hooded cape and one arm cradling something against his chest.

His other arm raised and fell, ceaselessly battering against a nondescript wooden door, pounding out [...] Continue reading

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